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We take safety very seriously. We have a multi-step program to make sure we keep our place safe and clean. These precautions we have in place are mandatory. Come Join the TMaxFit Fitness lifestyle and get your body and mind in the best shape possible. We also offer online training catered specific to your needs. We have taken steps necessary to help you feel safe during these trying times.
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Online Training

1-on-1 or Group

These sessions are designed based on your goals and programmed to fit your fitness needs. You will receive in-depth instructions and be working with others with similar goals. You will accomplish your fitness goals by achieving weight loss, adding muscle tone & definition and improving your overall health.


Personal Training

This type of training allows for more customization & attention. These sessions are tailored to fit your personal fitness goals & are perfect for clients who are new to exercise, have physical limitations that need extra attention, have existing injuries or health concerns, or just simply feel more comfortable in a one-on-one setting.

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Small Group & Large Group Training

Small Group training is limited from 2-4 clients and our classes range from 5-15 people to keep a safe distance from each other. Group training is great for those that work well in a group setting. These sessions are high energy, action packed motivational workouts that guarantee fat loss and the fitness results you want. These sessions will focus on functional strength, metabolic workouts, and three-dimensional movement.

Additional Services

We also offer additional services. Please contact us if you don’t see the specific service you’re looking for and we can come up with a custom plan suited to your needs.

Health is important for all ages. It can be difficult to do specific exercises when you start to get older. However, that shouldn’t stop you from living a healthy lifestyle. We provide you with exercise and nutrition tips catered to your abilities.

It can be pretty difficult staying in shape and maintaining a healthy lifestyle while you’re on baby duty. Learn how you can do workouts that just take minutes a day. Do these while you’re limited on time to help you stay in shape no matter what you have to do.

Some people like lifting weights & some just focus on doing cardio. It’s healthy to incorporate both for better and faster results. Cardiovascular exercises shouldn’t be the only way you try to achieve your fitness goals and vice versa.

Exercise and nutrition go hand in hand. You can’t fully achieve your goals if you take short cuts on your diet. We teach you how to have a balanced diet with both exercise and nutrition, so you can look good and feel good.


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